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Fire Alarm Systems 
Fire Alarm

Collins Electric has the experience and ability to provide the following fire alarm system services:

  • Design
  • Testing
  • Installation
  • Service
  • Retrofit Upgrades
  • Video Detection
  • Flame Optical Detection
  • Beam Detection

Best of all, we can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your fire safety system is in good hands.

Collins Electric provides 24 hour emergency service for all of our customers.

We provide the following NFPA-compliant inspection services:

  • Fire alarm inspections (NFPA 72) – Monthly, semi-annual and annual inspections
  • Sprinkler inspections(NFPA 25) – Quarterly and annual inspections
  • Fire suppression system inspections(NFPA 96 & NFPA 12) –  Semi-annual suppression systems and special agent suppression system inspections
  • Extinguisher inspections(NFPA 10) – Monthly and annual inspections and checks
  • Exit & emergency lighting inspections – Annual inspections 

We utilize the best fire alarm testing equipment in the industry to ensure an accurate inspection and thorough report. Through the use of handheld data recording technology we are able to upload your test report to a secure server immediately following the completion of the inspection. We provide all of our customers with a username and password that allows you to view, download and print your report through a secure login page on our website. This service is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Collins has the ability to service and provide parts for all major fire alarm manufactures.

Listed below are some of the completed projects:

  • City of Springfield City Hall and Symphony Hall – Fire Protection and Alarm System
  • Holyoke Community College – Fire Alarm System Upgrade
  • Smith College Ford Hall – Install new Integrated Fire Alarm System
  • City of Springfield – Annual fire alarm testing for City buildings, schools, facilities and parks
  • Wall Street Journal Printing Office Facility – Install new Integrated Fire Alarm System

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