Collins committed to safety

As a fifth generation family business, safety is one of Collins Electric’s core values and is embraced by our employees. In fact, our goal is to have a 100% safe worksite because one of the most valuable assets we have are our employees.

Each and every employee takes safety to heart, from first-year apprentices to the co-presidents of the company. We make sure that every member of our team receives proper training and education necessary to perform their job safely.


Safety isn’t just a word, it’s a priority

Over the years, we have won numerous safety awards, perhaps most notably from a national contracting organization for going a full year with zero injuries. Our robust Safety Manual and Safety Work Program ensure that the trend of safety is carried out well into the future. We conduct regular pre-task planning, ongoing training, toolbox talks, new hire safety training, job hazard analysis, and safety inspections and audits.

“We are committed to reducing injuries and accidents and ensuring compliance. Our employees are in partnership with us to accomplish this.” - Patrick Egan