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About Us

The Collins Electric Co., Inc. is an electrical contracting and design firm established in 1906 and in its fourth generation of daily hands on management by members of the Collins family. For more than 110 years the Collins Electric Company has been proud to offer quality electrical services to the communities of Western Massachusetts.

We are the largest employer of electrical tradespeople in Western Massachusetts.

In commercial, industrial, and institutional settings, Collins Electric has been a leader in designing and wiring office buildings, hotels, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, shopping centers, parking garages, hospitals, and educational facilities of every size and dimension.

Our regular activities include providing services for industrial plant moves, maintenance programs, energy management, on-call services, power distribution analysis, service upgrades, and providing and installing emergency, stand-by generator systems, and uninterrupted power supply systems for computer and data systems.

Additionally, Collins Electric offers project design and analysis, value engineering, accurate budget analysis, and imaginative design and build services. We employ experienced estimators and project managers, skilled foreman and highly qualified electricians, and office support personnel.

We are the oldest and largest electrical contracting and engineering firm in Western Massachusetts. We believe that the Collins Electric team can ensure quality electrical installations that will be delivered on time and within budget. Collins Electric brings a wealth of industry experience with difficult projects that had to be completed under compressed time frames, a broad understanding of the construction market, and highly skilled people in all positions.

Our commitment to quality work and service at every level and at every project size has built a reputation for reliability and superior performance and value with a strong client base.

Take a look at some of our past projects.

Collins Electric Truck, Circa 1930
Circa 1930  
The History of Collins Electric

For more than 110 years the Collins Electric Company has been providing outstanding electrical services in Western Massachusetts and the surrounding areas. The company was founded in 1906 by John J. Collins, who had a degree in electrical engineering from St. Francis College. The firm's earliest work was converting homes in Springfield from gas light to electricity. In fact, material was delivered to each jobsite by horse drawn wagon, and part of apprentices' duties was to shovel out the horse stall.

In 1911, John persuaded older brother Timothy to join the firm and in 1919, William P. Collins joined and became the general manager.

In 1939, Collins Electric installed the first fluorescent lighting system in the world at the Springfield Armory. In fact, during World War II the company rewired most of the Armory, which needed to modernize quickly for the war effort.

William P. Collins passed away in 1950, and it was at that time that William A. and Donald, his two sons, came into the company.

John J. Collins and Timothy Collins
John J. Collins
Timothy Collins     

Through the 1950's and 1960's, the company grew and prospered and began to get involved in increasingly larger and more demanding projects. Since that time, we have grown to be a full service contractor, offering either design-build or subcontracting services, depending on which method best serves our client's needs.

From 1950-2015, William A. Collins' focus was to provide a level of high-quality, full-contractor services to meet our clients' satisfaction. A legacy that Joseph Collins and Larry Eagan, Co-Presidents (the fourth generation of the Collins family to run the firm) will continue to provide.

We credit our longevity to our commitment to quality and the personal relationships that we build with each of our valued customers.