Go Green

Sustainable, before our time

Collins Electric has been on the cutting edge of lighting retrofits for many years, helping people “join the green revolution” before sustainability was customary. We were the contractor for the world’s first commercial fluorescent lighting installation at The Springfield Armory, which sought high lighting levels without a high demand for electricity. During World War II, there was a concern that the power companies could not keep up with the increased electrical demand caused by factories ramping up for the war effort. The higher efficiency of fluorescents, as compared to incandescent, helped mightily with that objective.

Today, we continue to be pioneers with the latest in school, factory, institutional fixtures and lamps. Whether you are looking for energy savings through better, LED (light emitting diode) lighting, or solar technologies; or simply want to “go green,” Collins Electric will work with your current utility provider to maximize your system’s efficiency and potential rebates.

A brighter solution

LED lighting is now the most efficient light source on the market. Collins Electric has vast experience in new LED lighting installations and retrofit projects for every type of customer.

Eighty years after installing the world’s first fluorescent lighting project, we are working hard to replace as much lighting as possible with the more efficient LEDs. In the future, when there is an even more efficient lighting solution on the market, we plan to be at your service.

Collins Electric is proud to have installed the first fluorescent lighting in the world, right here in downtown Springfield at the Armory!